About Zambia

About Zambia

Still being a niche tourism destination, Zambia remains one of the most uncontaminated Countries of the Southern Africa region, from both a Natural and Cultural perspective: thanks to the scarce presence of tourists and the extraordinary abundance of wildlife, Zambia is generally considered to be the best Safari destination in Africa.

Its National Parks are still largely wild and unexplored allowing visitors to live unforgettable experiences in direct contact with nature: Zambia is the country that offers the widest range of game-viewing activities such as game drives, walking safaris, night drives, motorcycle safaris, canoe and boat safaris, horseback adventures, and many more. It’s also considered heaven for leopards lovers and birdwatchers, due to their abundances and ease of sighting.

From a cultural standpoint, Zambian population is very open and friendly and this country offers genuine local interactions (including some spectacular tribal celebrations patronised by UNESCO as masterpieces of Oral Tradition), without exposing the visitors to risks or hassles.

Zambia is a very vast Country: travelling by road between National Parks and other destinations can involve very long transfers, and some of the roads’ conditions can take a toll on even the best vehicles: an overland Zambia Safari must always be faced with a sense of adventure. Fortunately, domestic flights are also popular, reliable and convenient, offering visitors an additional option to perfectly tailor their experiences to their expectations.