Mobile Safaris

Mobile Safaris

Our contemporary interpretation of the early explorers’ expeditions.

The first explorers and adventurers ever to travel through these parts of Africa found themselves immersed in a world of awe and excitement that changed their lives forever.

Even when crossing the wildest terrains and coming in contact with unfamiliar cultures, they could always rely on an impeccable organisation, excellent local guides and all the comforts provided by their modern society. They knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a privilege to experience such wonderments and return home with a bag full of fantastic memories. They taught us that “luxury” is not an end in itself, but rather a tool to enjoy the exclusivity of the experience and the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by kilometres of unexplored bush teeming with wildlife.

In today’s world, there’s nothing more precious than time. “Luxury”, therefore, becomes the slow pace of a campfire under a million stars, sipping a drink while enjoying the sounds of the untamed wilderness, with the certainty that every aspect of your adventure is carefully taken care of by experienced professionals who understand that the “art of safari” relies on seamlessly blending the right amount of luxury, with the rusticity of the African bush.

Wherever possible, our Mobile Safaris can provide two different – but equally exciting – experiences: “Rustic” (entirely overland, camping) and “Adventure with Style” (integrating domestic flights, exclusive lodges and bush-camps, and multiple destinations within each park). Each of our Itineraries is meticulously crafted to ensure guests can experience the best Zambia has to offer under all points of view: wildlife, landmarks, culture and travel experiences.

Rustic Mobile Safaris

Safari With Style


Our Mobile Safaris use specially modified 4×4 vehicles that can host up to 9 passengers plus 2 staff members and that guarantee excellent visibility to all participants during game-viewing activities. All vehicles have sides made of canvas that can be closed during transfers to offer better protection from the wind and completely removed during game-viewing activities. Nights during Mobile Safaris can be either camping or lodging. Each safari is guided by a professional local guide (English speaking) and a chef, to maximise your experience.

Our Mobile Safaris are usually “Non-Participative“: guests don’t have to worry about any of the bothering activities usually associated with camping (such as setting up and taking down tents, stretcher beds, cooking or cleaning). Camping is done in large sized (3x3x2mt) dome tents equipped with stretcher beds or mattresses and sleeping bags, while lodging safaris make use of strategically located, comfortable, mid-range accommodations. Meals are prepared by our accompanying chef directly on the campfire inside the National Parks, while your guides will be able to indicate the best restaurants for you to eat in every major city.