Wilderness Training Programs

Wilderness Training Programs

African View Tours and Safaris is the only operator in the entire region offering “Wilderness Training Programs” open to both adults and children.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge and experience of our specialist professional guides and our in-house continuous internal training courses, we are able to share part of this knowledge with our guests and visitors from every corner of the world. Originally started as a “Young Safari Cadets” training program conducted with students (12 to 16 old) from local and regional schools as an introduction to the Safari industry, the course embraced aspects such as environmental interpretation, basic survival skills, bushcraft and bush cooking.

In time, this training program became so popular that adults and international tourists also wanted to join, furthering their knowledge of the African Bush.

Now, our “Wilderness Training Programs” appeal to a number of people: from self-driver tourists with a desire to improve their skills and knowledge of the bush to business professionals aiming to reclaim a closer contact with nature, from survivalism enthusiasts wishing to experience the African wilderness, to families who want to try something new and incredibly exciting together and so on.

During our Wilderness Training Programs, participants will learn useful tools and techniques such as: gathering and purifying water, building a shelter, orientate in the bush, interpret the surrounding environment, keeping a campsite safe from wildlife and other dangers, building tools and snare traps, starting fires using locally sourced materials, bush first aid and emergency response, vehicle maintenance and basic repairs, and everything else that a real Safari guide must know in order to explore the bush in all safety.

The ”Wilderness Training Programs” span over a minimum of 5 days and can be done as a stand-alone activity or as an extension of one of our Safaris